Dog nappys : incontinent dog and female heat

An incontinent dog is defined by the fact that the dog can no longer hold back and therefore urinates without realizing it. This manifests itself during the various activities of the day or, as for young children, sometimes during the night.

We find this phenomenon in older dogs, after an operation or in sterilized female dogs.

The heat period of the female dog can be characterized by the presence of blood discharge for a few days. To do this, the use of a dog diaper is desired in order to avoid stains in your home.

Diaper for dogs during the heat: dog heat panties?

Les chaleurs de chiennes nécessitent l’utilisation culotte pour chienne afin de les accompagner durant cette période . Les pertes peuvent être légères ou d’un flux important de ce fait l’utilisation de couche pour chiens permet d’éviter de tâcher les tapis, matelas ou de devoir nettoyer derrière votre animal. Une culotte doit être changée assez fréquemment afin d’éviter les infections. Les couches pour chiens Yepopy sont  disponibles en lot afin de vous permettre d’avoir du change durant la période de pertes sanguines et donc éviter les infections en procédant au changement de la culotte ou de la couche pour chien. 

Nappys for incontinent dogs

The senior dog is a little more likely to end up incontinent overnight and this may be because of what is known as urethral sphincter incompetence. Indeed, it can be the cause of a congenital malformation. A dog may become incontinent due to nervous disorders such as anxiety, stress...
Spaying females may also cause what is called sphincter incompetence and therefore become incontinent.
Also we can find incontinence because of diseases such as obesity, urinary tract infection or a herniated disc. The use of dog diapers therefore avoids cleaning up after your pet.

Yepopy nappys composition ?

Yepopy washable dog diaper uses soft stretch fabric. It is made of an outer PUL fabric for a soft and waterproof effect. For the inner layers we use a polyester microfiber fabric pad for a quick dry effect.

Advantages for using reusable and washable dog diapers ?

The incontinence of dogs or the heat of females require daily use of dog diapers.
The Yepopy dog diaper provides an economical quality solution that respects the environment.
The Yepopy diaper is easy to wash and lasts over time.