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What is called " Female dog heat" or " dog in heat" or "dog heat" all these terms designate a period which occurs once or twice a year in the bitch with a spacing of 7 months but they can go up to at 12 month intervals. During the heat of the female dog, the female can reproduce with a male what is called “breeding cycle”. It should be noted that the first heat of the female dog occurs between 6 to 24 months and persists throughout her life. It should be noted that the age remains variable depending on the breed of the dog but in general the earliest is from 6 months, especially in small puppies. Indeed, small puppies grow faster, so puberty comes earlier.




When does the female dog become fertile for reproduction?

The first heats are therefore the signs that the female has entered puberty and therefore that she is old enough to be able to reproduce. However, the growth of the female dog is not complete, which therefore implies that her fertility is still limited.

Il est donc important de noter qu’il est préférable d’attendre au moins une troisième période de chaleurs pour envisager que votre chienne puisse être prête pour une portée.

The different stages of the sexual cycle

Proestrus: this stage can be described by the onset of heat which lasts about 9 days and can go up to 20 days. During this period the female dog refuses any coupling or connection with a male.

For physical changes, usually the female dog's vulva swells and begins to bleed. These losses can be abundant or very discreet.

Estrus: period of acceptance of the male but also of ovulation and fertilization. This period lasts on average 10 days up to 21 days. During this period the losses are greatly reduced and cleared up and the female dog is therefore hormonally ready. Note that some female dogs maintain heavy losses.

The diestrus third stage of the cycle represented by the gestation (period of life of the yellow bodies). The duration can range from 55 to 65 days. We find a return to normal of the vulva and swelling of the breast tissue. The female dog refuses the projection and any rapprochement with a male.

The ano-oestrus sexual rest and standby of the genital apparatus ranging from 2 to 9 months.

Behavior of the female dog during heat?

Don't be surprised if you notice a change in your pet's behavior. A craving for more attention, a sudden craving for more hugs and more affection. Conversely, for other female dogs, heat will be synonymous with irritability, aggressiveness and the search for space.

Anyway, during the heat of your females you must be patient because they can show a behavioral change that can sometimes go from sticking to you or running away.

Important to note that some females will tend to do what is called silent heat so few or no symptoms at all. This can be a risk of reproduction indeed, the silent heats operate in the same way as the visible heats but in a completely discreet way.


Chaleurs silencieuses : 

They are often found during the first heat in many female dogs. They manifest themselves with discreet signs:

-Little or no blood loss 

- Slightly swollen vulva 

- Normal dog behavior 

False heat signs: 

Often seen in young female dogs. The onset of heat without ovulation is not characterized, then a resumption of the normal cycle a little later.

Persistent heat: 

This type of heat is often identified in older bitches. This is manifested by a fairly long duration exceeding the average number of days of a normal heat period. For this, a consultation may be necessary to identify the causes.


the solutions to better live the period of heat of your female dogs?


If you do not want your female dog to reproduce and it is difficult to keep your animal away from males, then sterilization can be a solution. Nevertheless, some incontinence problems can sometimes arise following the operation. This remains on a case-by-case basis and your veterinarian is in the best position to guide you.

 Washable dog diapers

To remedy blood loss, the use of dog diapers can be very useful. Yepopy dog diapers are available in batches to allow you to have changes during the period of blood loss and therefore avoid infections by changing the diaper. Heat bitch is therefore a particular period which requires to be patient.


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